Our Mission

SARA provides care and comfort to the most vulnerable living in Southeast Asia .

At present we serve thousands of impoverished people in Vietnam - orphaned children, the disabled, neglected elderly, and ostracized lepers.

We aspire to provide care across Southeast Asia.

About Us

Southeast Asian Relief Association (SARA) is a nonprofit charitable organization based in Portland, OR. SARA was founded in 1993 by Kim Dung Vu. Since then more than one thousand supporters have joined Ms. Vu to assist those in need. SARA has no paid staff and relies entirely on the dedication of our wonderful volunteers. SARA cares for lepers, orphans, disabled, and the impoverished. We operate day clinics in remote locations and build permanent hospitals and clinics in regions lacking adequate medical facilities.


In a typical year, SARA provides:

  • Assistance to 2000 lepers living in 19 camps across Vietnam
  • Care packages to 1800 disabled/orphaned children
  • 360 temporary clinics serving 200-300 patients per day
  • Support for one hospital and a permanent clinic; three clinics founded by SARA are self-sustaining and no longer receive support


25 Nam Lua Ngon Tinh Nguoi

We Need Your Support

Besides administrative expenses, nearly all of the contribution goes directly to purchasing supplies and medicines for distribution. Every Lunar New Year since 1993, our director Kim Dung Vu along with volunteers have been traveling back to Vietnam and physically handing out the aid supplies directly to the people in need. Your support and assistance make substantive differences in people's lives. We need your help to continue our works, please donate. Also, if you would like to volunteer, then we would love to hear from you.

Please contact our office:

Portland, OR 97213
Email: SARACharity@gmail.com

Please mail your donation to:

Southeast Asian Relief Association
P.O. Box 18185
Portland, OR 97218

Or use

Thank You